Are NetEnt Slots Rigged? An In-Depth Analysis of NetEnt Slots

By 21 January 2021

NetEnt slots are among the best casino games currently in the market. With the affiliation of rigging of slots from traditional casinos, it casts a doubt over the legitimacy of the slots by online casinos at , we break down our analysis of the slot machines at NetEnt to ensure it meets your expectations.

History of Mechanical Slots

Before NetEnt launched its first casino software, traditional casinos offered the slot games through the mechanical slot machines. With the mechanical slots, a player inserted a coin and pulled a level which triggered the spinning of the reels at . The spinning action allowed the spinning like tumblers inside a combination lock.

  • Mechanical slots featured a series of metal pins
  • Operated on combination of tumblers on reels

Upon hitting a combination, the slot machines will hit a payout to the player. The slot machines for a long time were mauled with incidences of rigging to make most of the house edge. With a tampered slot, it means that the player wins will be less thus leaving the house to make profit.

The Rise of Modern Online Slot Machines

With the paradigm shift to online casinos, it brought about the modern slot machines. With the modern slots, it presented a different ball game. With no pulling of levers, it was replaced with pressing on a button that performed the action of spinning the symbols combinations to pull of a winning combination.

Despite the shift to modern slots, the question still remains, can the house tamper with the slot machines to make their profit? No. In most cases the slot machines are supplied with software developers such as NetEnt. Therefore, the house is not involved in the production process of the slot machines to their advantage.


How Does Modern Slot Machines Operate?

The modern slots work in a manner that mimics the reels from the past. With the amazing graphics, features and symbols, are actually complex lines of code which are played through the screen. The first algorithm used by the slot machines is the return to player rates which governs the payout criteria.

  • RTP are expressed in percentage
  • The opposite of RTP makes the house edge

With the return to player, it governs the process by which the casino makes their house edge. The RTP makes up the proportion percentage that is payable by the casino to the player after finishing all the rounds. With the RTP in play, it removes the chances of rigging slots to make the house advantage.

Random Number Generators

As part of the operating system of algorithms, the slot machines make use of a random number generator. With the RNG in play, is forms part of a written code by the software developer which is engraved into the architecture of the slot machine. With the RNG, it controls how players win when spinning the reels.

With the RNG, it generates a series of random numbers that are fed to the slot machine. The slot machine translates the random numbers into random outcome with each spin of the reels. Therefore, it ensures that your chances of winning at the reels as same as compared to the next person spinning the reels.

  • RNG produces random outcomes with the spinning
  • The reels present a complex chain of written computer code

How Can You Tell Whether a Site is Safe?

Before signing up to the casino site, ensure you read through the licensing information at the bottom part of the site's page. For example, at NetEnt casinos, the firm is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. This is to ensure it meets the international standards.

Another technique you should pick up is trying the free version of the casino games. With the free version, it means that you get a chance to try out how the casino feels like. It further indicates whether you are dealing with a legit or a scam casino before you place your money on the line.