Episode 352 – January 18, 2013

Host Serena Travis and guest co-host Josiah Travis discuss calendar, weather, sports & celebrations for Scott Valley. Other items of note: Depression: the Way Out! class, the Siskiyou Golden Fair and the Fort Jones Igloo!

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HDR Emailed

Beautiful Photograph by Mel Fechter

EMR Class

Save the Fair Meeting Scheduled for January 29

The 10th District Agricultural Association will be hosting an informational meeting about the fair industry, the “state of our Siskiyou Golden Fair”, including fair history, recent changes and planning for the future. The fiscal crisis in California triggered the elimination of all state support in 2011, almost $300,000 including cash and services for the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds. Other fairgrounds around the state are working to become self sustaining using Joint Powers Agreements or 501C3 non-profits as the governing body. We have the opportunity to explore what will work best in Siskiyou County.

The meeting will be held in Winema Hall on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 starting at 6:00 pm.

“The fair is an important part of our community” stated Fair CEO Cliff Munson. “This meeting will be the starting point for further exploration into saving the Siskiyou Golden Fair.”

For more information, contact the fair office at 842-2767 or info@sisqfair.com. The 2013 Siskiyou Golden Fair “A Birthday Bash!” will run August 7-11, 2013 in Yreka.


Siskiyou Youth – http://www.siskiyouyouth.com


State of Jefferson Elite Rugby Team – http://www.facebook.com

Mt. Shasta Ski Park – http://www.skipark.com


Mt. Ashland Ski Park – http://www.mtashland.com

Siskiyou YMCA – http://www.siskiyou-ymca.org – (530) 842-9622

Fort Jones Lions emergency firewood program

The Fort Jones Lions Club is continuing its program of providing one load of firewood dur­ing the winter to qualified citizens who are residents of Scott Valley and who are unable to obtain their own supply.

The program is intended only as an emergency measure for those in dire need of wood to tide them over until they can procure a long-term solution.

To apply, contact Don Hugo at 468-2197 or Fred Williams at 468-2907.

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Episode 187 – July 9, 2011


8:00 AM Ride in the Light Biker Rally @ Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds
8:00 AM Over the Hills Hikers to Mill Creek (not Long Gulch – too much snow) – Meet at Dotty’s in Etna – Julie Duncan 468-3595
8:30 AM Quartz Valley Loop Ride – Meet at Scott Valley Bikes & Sporting Goods – Alison Willis 468-5672
9:00 AM SV Fire Dist Drill @ Greenview Station


7:00 AM Ride in the Light Biker Rally @ Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds
8:00 AM Intermediate Mountain Bike Ride – Meet at Scott Valley Bikes & Sporting Goods – Russel Willis 468-572

I also mentioned the State of Jefferson being featured on The History Channel’s “How the States Got Their Shapes” for the episode “Culture Clash.” The entire episode can be viewed online.

Episode 176 – June 28, 2011


6:30 AM FJ Lions FJ City Hall
10:00 AM Ladies Quilters Club Etna United Methodist Church
11:30 AM FJ Library Story Time FJ Library
12:00 PM Community Lunch Program Etna United Methodist Church
6:00 PM Water Aerobics Community Pool
6:30 PM Pinochle SV Family Resource Center Bernay Hiett 467-3201
7:00 PM SV Fire Dist Drill Greenview Station

Interview: Gail Jenner

I had the privilege of having award-winning author Gail Jenner as a guest on the show. Gail recently wrote Historic Inns and Eateries in the State of Jefferson which features 30 different historical sites and has recipes! Gail shared how long she has been writing and some of her challenges as a writer. Given her delightful personality and wealth of information on all things regarding the State of Jefferson, we will definitely have her back on the show. Some links to follow Gail:
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What’s the Beef? From Soup to Nuts Blog Beef, cattle and the environment
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