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  1. Hello Mrs. Travis,

    What a pleasant shock – I just heard your interview on the Podcast Answer Man! Scott Valley has a positive, local voice in you, and it sounds like you help keep it a coherent community. Thanks for blessing your neighbors with a free, verbal “local paper”, “radio”, and calendar. I just subscribed and I will be listening.

    All Water Rights is my blog, started in November. Your farming and ranching listeners could get some free value out of this, just their time to read what is useful for them. I discuss California water rights – adjudicated, permitted, licensed, and otherwise. Water measurement devices and how to install and use them are also discussed. My emphasis is education, promotion of polite discussions, and working out questions and disagreements peaceably with the neighbors…and staying out of attorneys’ offices and court if at all possible.

    Full disclosure – although my blog is private and will hopefully, someday soon, be part of a paying business, I work for the Department of Water Resources. Our agency was the Watermaster up there until 2012. We did a good job of legally regulating the smallest to the largest rights on Shackleford, French, and Oro Fino Creeks and tributaries. Not everyone loved us all the time. 🙂 Mark Baird and I are friends – through reenacting the Civil War, not necessarily through watermaster connections.

    When we had to raise prices in 2011, the Scott and Shasta Watermaster Service went local up there, with the Scott Valley and Shasta Valley Watermaster District. They were wise to do so and they have done well for water right holders there.

    That said, my blog is not about watermaster service or politics, just water rights and measuring them. I will change jobs in 6 months, early-ish retirement possibly being part of that depending on how my efforts to supplement retirement income are going.

    Thanks again for all you do, keep up the great work.

    Shawn Pike
    Rights To Water Engineering
    25015 6th Avenue
    Los Molinos, CA 96055
    (530) 526-0134

    1. Thank you, Shawn, for your kind words and for subscribing. Yes, water can be a touch-y subject but thankfully not at this time of the year! I will take some time to look at your site. How did you find the Podcast Answer Man?

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