Episode 372 – Salmon River PDGA Tournament

NOTE: Apologies to some of the folks I interviewed on the day of the tourney. The audio quality of some of the interviews were not clear. I know…major bummer.


  • 2:09 Sandra Lee and Lena Borden
  • 3:52 Shasta Criss
  • 6:11 Allegra

Scores of disc golfers with their flicks of frisbees meandered various mountain backroads to get to the 2015 Salmon River Disc Golf Tournament hosted in Cecilville, CA on June 6-7th. Although this marks the 2nd annual tournament, this is the first tournament that was officially sanctioned by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) this year.

Tournament director, Kevin Kreuger, is a Scott Valley citizen and participated in the amateur bracket of the tournament.

The Naive Melodies, a Talking Heads cover band, rocked it on Saturday night in the Salmon River Saloon prior to the event. Hours before the tournament,

The course, which was designed by famous course designer, Tom Schott, is maintained by the Siskiyou Aliens, the home club. Thank you to the kitchen crew, who worked tirelessly preparing super yummy meals in the heat. Due to limited facilities, the attendees had the added adventure of camping under the stars.

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  1. Hi Serena,, i just wanted to say i cant hear the interview part,, i can hear the indroduction but as soon as it starts the interview i can only hear it like a whisper.. i checked all my volume controls.. any way just thought id send you this.. and thanks for all your work getting this out.. i am the asian guy with the tall lady who were doing the scoring on the computer in the bar….

    1. Hi David – Sorry to hear about the audio trouble. I will go through the episode and double check the sound levels. Meanwhile, did you see the videos?

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