Episode 369 – June 12, 2015

Serena Travis is joined once again by Megan Peterson for a lively edition of the Good Morning Scott Valley Program.


One of the vocab words for the week was “efficacy.” Help us by mentioning the others in the comments below!


Etna Farmers’ Market

Etna Library

Jefferson FliXX Festival

Scott Valley Film Coalition


Salmon River Disc Golf Tournament – June 6-7 in Cecilville

Scott Valley Swim Team

As long as kids can swim the length of the pool they can join. Ages can go all the way up to 18. Practice for new swimmers starts Monday morning (June 15th) at 8am. After that practice based on skill level the swimmers will either continue practicing at 8am (seasoned swimmers) or they will practice at 10:15am (newer swimmers needing extra assistance).

Soccer Camp – June 15-19 – Scott Valley Junior High – Ft. Jones

  • First Kicks (Ages 3-5)  9-10 AM  $77.00
  • Half Day Camp (Ages 6-9) 10AM-12PM $105.00
  • Half Day Camp (Ages 10-12) 12:30 PM 2:30 PM $105.00

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