Episode 368 – June 5, 2015

Serena and Megan keep having fun at their mics talking about all things Scott Valley. Listen for Brigadoon – a funny recurring theme. Also, learn how to cook turnips. There is a trivia question near the end of the podcast. The first person to email the correct answer to news@goodmorningscottvalley.com gets a free soft-serve cone at Dotty’s. These girls are random and they seem pretty happy about it all.

Scott Valley Yard Sale


Dotty’s will be selling the maps at Dotty’s for $1.00 and ALL proceeds go the the Scott Valley Chamber of Commerce!


Etna Farmers’ Market

Etna Library

Jefferson FliXX Festival

Scott Valley Film Coalition


Salmon River Disc Golf Tournament – June 6-7 in Cecilville

Scott Valley Swim Team

Soccer Camp – June 15-19 – Scott Valley Junior High – Ft. Jones




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