Episode 366 – May 22, 2015

This week Megan Peterson and Drake Travis join as co-hosts for the program.

Tweety Window
I taught I taw a Tweety window.

The top post photo is a bike rack between Martin’s Experience Items and the Blake Hotel building. Several bike racks were installed around Etna by the Rotary Club to promote bicycle tourism.


Scott Valley Swim Team Registration – May 19 @ Etna Elementary 5:30-6:30pm

Soccer Camp – June 15-19 – Scott Valley Junior High – Ft. Jones

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2 Replies to “Episode 366 – May 22, 2015”

  1. In re comment on bike racks: Several bike racks were installed around Scott Valley (not just Etna, but Callahan, Etna, Fort Jones) by the Rotary Club. Ask Davie Martin, President, Scott Valley Rotary. She spearheaded the project assisted by several others.

    1. Thank you, Norm, for bringing this to our attention. We will make sure to mention it in an upcoming episode.

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