Episode 365 – May 15, 2015

Rain, rain, come our way!



Redwood Highway Film Screening – Sunday, May 17 – 3PM – The Rec, Ft. Jones

Official Trailer for REDWOOD HIGHWAY from Redwood Highway on Vimeo.



Dr. Hess teaches the Silver Fit Circuit class and his new Kick n Stick cardio workout class, both on Tuesday and Thursday. You can learn more and connect with him in some of his training classes at Scott Valley Fitness, 122 Scott River Road in Fort Jones or call 468-2956.

Scott Valley Swim Team Registration – May 19 @ Etna Elementary 5:30-6:30pm

Soccer Camp – June 15-19 – Scott Valley Junior High – Ft. Jones

Track Results

Athlete of the Week: Jenny Rickey

Interview with Jenny Gomes

Scott Valley Wildflower Yoga Facebook Page

Scott Valley Wildflower Yoga Instagram

A Domestic Wildflower – Jenny’s web site

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