Episode 364 – May 8, 2015

This week’s episode:

Mountain Lupines

The roadside is dotted with these delightful lavender flowers at this time of the year. They are so cheerful! Rockside Ranch posted this photo on Instagram.


Loving the lupine! #spring #flowers


A photo posted by Rockside Ranch (@rocksideranch) on

And if you are a fan at all of Monty Python, then you’ll remember the skit with Dennis Moore who steals lupines from the rich to give to the poor.

Marlahan Mustard

Marlahan mustard is a noxious weed that seems to thrive in Scott Valley. Drake has often mused that it would be great to have teams of people walk across the field and pull up this weeds by the barrel load. Marlahan mustard, or Dyer’s woad, definitely causes the ranchers of the valley plenty of woe. The creative folks of the valley wrote a play to make light of this encroaching inedible plant. Below is the production of “The Marlahan Mustard Mystery or Woad is Me!”

Recipe for Sima

Rodeo Results via Siskiyou Daily News

Baseball League Final via Siskiyou Daily News

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