Episode 265 – October 7, 2011

In this episode of Good Morning Scott Valley…


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  • Mike Duguay, Etna City Mayor – Mike shares his road to becoming mayor, updates on the projects that the City of Etna accomplished this year, and a forecast on future projects.
  • Emily Travis & Cami Morrill give an update on Spirit Week, the Homecoming Parade and the Homecoming Game at Etna High School.
  • Clarence Barger shared about his upcoming Native American Flute gig at the Marble Rim Gallery. We also discussed his Big Band and the value of including live music in your life. Clarence also shares a 37 second teaser of his Native American flute playing.
  • Liz Bowen shared highlights from her article in the Siskiyou Daily News. We also talked about gardening and I learned how busy Liz really is!
  • Joy Isbell gave a “joyful” update on the progress of the Pumpkin Patch that she and her husband, Bradley, started this year.
  • Carol explained about the upcoming Caregivers Event at Bob’s Ranch House.
  • Annie Kramer eloquently shares her thoughts from her article about Autumn.

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