Episode 201 – July 23, 2011


  • 8:15 AM-Shackleford Falls Bike Ride-Scott Valley Bikes & Sporting Goods-Alison Willis 468-5672
  • 8:00 AM-Over the Hills Hikers to Cabin Meadows-Meet at Dotty’s in Etna-Julie Duncan 468-3595
  • Back Country Horsemen – Trail Trial-Deer Mountain Snowmobile Park on the Klamath National Forest
  • Karuk Tribal Reunion Exercise Challenge-River Park in Happy Camp-All boys and girls 3-18 are eligible to participate. Contact Lessie Aubrey for more info.


  • 8:00 AM-Int. Mtn Bike Ride-Scott Valley Bikes & Sporting Goods-Russel Willis 468-5672


I had a unique opportunity to interview Fred Kelly Grant who is a legal expert who assists citizens in protecting their property and personal rights, local governments in protecting their citizens’ rights, and organizations involved in protecting property and personal rights and access to full multiple use of lands. The organization he works with is called Trademark America. (www.trademarkamerica.org) Water has become a big issue and it is helpful to hear the insight that Fred provides.

Reference was also made to the Scott Valley Protect Our Water Group and Sheriff Jon Lopey.

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