Episode 179 – July 1, 2011


8:00 AM Car Wash to Benefit Dylan Frick @ Magic Rain Car-Wash – 195 Greenhorn Rd., Yreka
12:00 PM Community Lunch Program @ Etna United Methodist Church
2:00 PM Board Games @ SV Family Resource Center
6:30 PM SVB Concert “Gimme Shelter” @ Miner Street Park, Yreka Classic Rock
7:00 PM Open House & Exhibition @ Marble Rim Gallery in Fort Jones  Featuring Jeanie Dickinson

I really tried to get my equipment with Skype working to interview Jeanie Dickinson about her art. I hope to have her on the show sometime in the near future because she really enjoys talking about art and her inspiration. Meanwhile, I shared the highlights of what Jeanie shared with me.

One Reply to “Episode 179 – July 1, 2011”

  1. Thank you so much for giving such a wonderful description of Jeanie’s artwork and our Gallery.

    You are very well spoken, and we appreciate your upbeat description of our our cooperative effort.

    Your podcast is terrific.


    Tina Chenevert (President)
    Marble Rim Gallery

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