What is a podcast?

What in the world is a podcast anyway?

Can you eat it? Is it some type of pea pod that someone has cast aside?

Funny you should ask. Podcast is one of those new-fangled made-up technology words. A fella back in 2004 decided that he needed a way to describe this new type of media that everyone was sharing on the Internet so he took the “pod” from “iPod” and the “cast” from “broadcast” and made…drumroll, please…PODCAST!

Do I need one of them-there iPods to listen to a podcast?

Absolutely not. Don’t let the name fool you. A podcast is a sound file which can be played on a computer (make sure your speakers are onĀ and working) or any portable device that can play a sound file including an iPod. We produceĀ our podcast as an .mp3 which is the standard digital audio format. Incidentally, .mp3 comes from .mpeg which stands for Moving Picture Experts Group with the .mp3 being the audio portion of that original .mpeg.