Episode 347 – December 21, 2012

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Holiday Lighting Contest Complete

     “You Voted…The Votes are in!  Scott Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the winners of the 3rd Annual Holiday Decorating Contest. In a close race for the Best Decorated Interior, Scott Valley Drug won with magical red and green displays encompassing their entire store!  For the Best Business Exterior, there was a three way tie!  The window display of a snowman and sleds along with a cheery fireplace in the other window at Frontier Hardware captured the traditional wish of a white Christmas.  Last year’s winner, Scott Valley Feed in Greenview, did it again incorporating their live Christmas trees in a natural display, while the Green Salon in Fort Jones created a simple and simple, elegant window display showing a miniature decorated tree and painted glass to give a 3d effect.
      There are several must see homes in Scott Valley. The home that received the most votes goes to 255 Newton Street in Fort Jones which has a Nativity scene behind which a dazzling display of lights incredibly choreographed to a variety of Christmas songs on its own radio station! The owner of the home was recently interviewed by Serena Travis on Good Morning Scott Valley, episode 345.
     2nd place has the biggest light display in Scott Valley featuring a giant Homer Simpson and lights covering at least 1/2 an acre  is 4512/4508 Hwy. 3 in Etna across from Partridge Pines.  Mrs. Hansen said she started her light display for her daughter when she was a  baby to look at out the window.  Every year, the display gets more elaborate with some of the lights going way up in the pine trees.
     3rd place had one of the most unique display of a Holiday Helicopter at 743 Highland Street in Etna.  All 3 residences will receive a small monetary award and a Certificate from the Scott Valley Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber thanks all those that participated in the event.  Happy Holidays!

Fort Jones Lions emergency firewood program

The Fort Jones Lions Club is continuing its program of providing one load of firewood dur­ing the winter to qualified citizens who are residents of Scott Valley and who are unable to obtain their own supply.

The program is intended only as an emergency measure for those in dire need of wood to tide them over until they can procure a long-term solution.

To apply, contact Don Hugo at 468-2197 or Fred Williams at 468-2907.

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